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Optometry at another level is what we provide with the manufacturing of our lenses in-house.


Pickup over the counter medication at our retail shop stocked with global sourced medicines.


Our Orthopedics department has support equipment, to help with your rehabilitation journey.


Wellness is paramount, and we commit to be known as a one-stop-shop for wellness products.

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Optical at Gokals

Atmaran Golkadas (Best known by the name of Atu) lived his dream from creating value to help Ghana. From the manufacturing of tooth brushes to Sunshades, then moving to working on optical and the manufacturing of lenses.

He went on to innovate in that field and was competitive, but never compromised on the quality and the experience to the final or end user.

Gokals Optical inherits a vision that has been passed on for generations before it and has the courage to walk on that foundation, by using modern technologies that could only be found in the United States.

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Make us your
Primary Opticians



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